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Harmion (2013)

Harmion (2013)

Dir.: Richard Swingle

Prod.: Adam Harvey

HarmionA journey of struggles, belief and hope is the new vision of Richard Swingle and Adam Harvey. Harmion follows a man on a quest to find a cure for his dying son. Tritan, the ex-soldier and farmer, is left distant and traumatised after a devastating war, and he finds it hard to settle back into normal life. Living in a quiet village with his wife, he is forced to leave on this adventure to find a mythical cure for his son who is dying of a mortal illness.

In the world of action and adventure, Tritan, abandons his family and endeavours to find this cure as he goes on his travels. In a post-war Harmion, the path is a dangerous one and he must do everything he can to survive the journey. With only his trusty steed for company, he battles across the land fighting not only physical enemies but mental demons of the past as well.

The film is currently in its development stage, they have just began their Kickstarter campaign and are in need of financial support to take the film to the next step! By finalising the script and creating the concept they are packaging the film for potential financiers. Having already spent a massive £10,000 for the film’s theatrical trailer, which is nothing short of outstanding, they have devoted a huge amount of time and money to the project which deserves to reach its full potential. Richard Swingle, who works as a professional Cinematographer, and Adam Harvey, who has developed many short and feature films, have the ability to create a fantastic movie. Together they have the experience and knowledge needed to construct a wonderfully aesthetic piece and by using the scenery of the Welsh hillsides the shots shape a wonderful backdrop for this heart-warming story.

With the huge success of the action and adventure genre there is the possibility this could be a major success and reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Willow (1988), it has that element of mystery surrounding the fantastical world the two writers have created which audiences love. A wonderful story of hope and the unbreakable bond between father and son, Harmion deserves to be produced exactly as Swingle and Harvey visioned when they drafted the film. With, what seems an amazing actor at the helm in Tritan, the film had me intrigued with the 3 minute trailer and I hope you get behind the film and support so it can reach it’s £3,000 total!

Here’s the Harmion trailer:

And here’s the link to their Kickstarter campaign so you can find out more information and can get supporting!


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Waterborne (2013)

Waterborne (2013)

Dir.: Ryan Coonan

Prod.: Marisa Brown

Written by Ryan Coonan & Richard Barcaricchio


Waterborne (2013)  is an Australian based zombie horror short film written by Ryan Coonan and Richard Barcaricchio, and together with producer Marisa Brown, they aim to make the first EVER zombie horror film which will contain an actual kangaroo zombie. Being shot in Coonan’s hometown of Numurkah, they plan to turn this small country town into a community ravaged by zombies. Due to environmental factors such as drought and floods and the fluctuating conditions of the outback a peculiar algae is spotted by a local ranger. Poisoning the water supply and infecting the watering hole the implications of this bacteria are huge and from this the Zombieroo is born!

With experience actor, Don Bridges, and the emerging Martin Blum, the film has explosive potential. With the help of Australian SFX company, Third Eye FX, the creators are planning on building a prosthetic Zombieroo so they can achieve the authenticity of a real life kangaroo zombie, plus with the help of computer generator, Adam Dewhirst (The Dark Knight, World War Z), it will enable them to create something truly breathtaking. However, with the experienced professionals that will create the ‘Zombieroo’ comes a price and everyone involved are urging for support to get the funding needed to create the Zombieroo. The goal of $15,000 is within sight but they only have 30 days to achieve this! In this all-or-nothing pledge they are really hoping that the support of film fans around the world come forward and help them raise their total. Currently, they have already gained $4,875 (12:45, 22/03/2013), just under a third of their overall goal. With 27 days to go they are capable of reaching this total with your help!

Here is a link to the IndieGogo campaign:

The cast and crew are all industry professionals who are dedicated to the cause and have offered their services free of charge so this fantastic concept can become a reality. The production is scheduled to start late April 2013!

Waterborne 2

Ultimately, Waterborne, is only a prequel to a feature film. Due to the size of the Australian film industry and lack of funds using a short film the directors can pitch to production companies. This is a great way of gaining financial support for a much larger and longer film. With the ability to showcase their work to potential financiers and demonstrating the impact crowd funding had in the process it shows great initiative and the drive for success that would make a feature length film a success. With over 10,000 likes already on their Facebook page and an ever-growing fan base, who are eager to witness the first ever Zombieroo, this film should be a huge success. But this can only happen with your support! So get on to their IndieGogo page and make Ryan, Richard, Marisa and everyone else involved extremely happy and get this film funded!

In case you missed it, here’s the link again that enables you to support the film:

Also visit their Facebook page:

And if you want even more up to date info. and the latest news follow Waterborne’s Twitter account here:


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Own Worst Enemy Preview (2013)

Own Worst Enemy (2013)

Dir.: Philip Pugh

Own Worst Enemy

This dark British comedy follows the story of Andy (Mike Baughan), who is terrified of almost everything and anything to do with the outside world. Trapped by the boundaries of his flat he has quarantined himself from the world and the inability to travel outside his home has made him delirious. He fails to make contact with any other humans and in turn finds himself presented with a figment of his imagination, Mr P, also played by Mike Baughan. This manipulative character scrutinizes Andy and torments him to the depths of despair until he can no longer establish what is fantasy and what is reality. The isolation and constant routine Andy lives is completely upturned by the introduction of Mr. P and this takes its toll on Andy substantially.

Director, Philip Pugh, has already established himself as an exciting prospect in the film world with his multi-award winning feature film, One Minutes (2009). His first feature achieved a fantastic reception which was shown at a number of film festivals including the, International Film Festival in South Africa and also included in the British Film Festival located in Los Angeles. It is clear that Philip Pugh has the academic and visual knowledge to produce great films which is matched by his motivation and determination to get this film made. With the support of his co-producer, Nigel Martin Davey, who has acting experience as well as producing credits for many feature films, this film is certainly going to be a great visual experience.

Own Worst Enemy has begun its crowd funding campaign and it is trying to reach a goal of £12,000. This will go towards; equipment rental, costumes, props, location fees, sound recording rental and much more. Your generousity will not be overlooked either as there are many fantastic perks for your contribution which include; posters, promo materials, copies of the script, a digital download of the film (as well as the option for a DVD & VHS copy!) and even an Associate/Executive Producer credit all dependent on your contribution!

Your contribution would mean everything to the making of this film so if you’re feeling generous click on the link below and get funding:

For a more visual explanation check out this promotional video which includes interviews with lead actor, Mike Baughan, and another cast member, Mathew Waters:


I also spoke to director, Philip Pugh, to find out a bit more about the film:

Q: Your film focuses on one character, Andy, who also has another persona, Mr. P. Where did the idea of split personality come from?

A: It starts to run a little deeper when Mr. P develops his own imaginary characters. I was trying to explore what drives people to madness, what characterizes madness and to what extent can you live with madness until it becomes unbearable. At no point did I want to hide from the audience that Mr. P was anything other than a figment of Andy’s imagination. There are plenty of twists in Own Worst Enemy without having to rely on clichés.

Q: With two characters being played by the same person, Mike Baughan, how do you plan to shoot the film?

A: Mike’s a great character actor. There are only 3 scenes in the movie that involve other characters that Mike can interact with, leaving the majority of the movie for Mike to act entirely against himself. I’ve got no doubt in his ability to pull this off, but it does raise a few technical and continuity issues. The first thing that was clear was that we’d need another actor, off camera, to hold the other side of the conversation. Also we’ve decided to structure the shoot so we’ll film with Mr. P one day and then film Andy’s side of the scenes the next day.

Q: On the subject of Mike, you worked with him on your first feature film, One Minute. How important is the director’s relationship with his cast?

A: For a film like this I think it’s essential that the relationship is completely open and more of a collaboration. We’ve been working on the two characters since last October. We’ve worked on different voices, different speech patterns, different mannerisms, different stances and different walks – the two characters are completely different. It’s been a fun process.

Mr. P

Q: Your first feature, One Minute, won multiple awards. How much did you learn from the experience and how crucial is it to have that first completed film?

A: Well it certainly was an experience. It took about 4 years to complete and it felt good to have finished it. It took so long because we had something like 140 locations and 240 characters. I think this is why I went in the complete opposite direction with Own Worst Enemy. On this one we have 3 locations and 6 onscreen characters (there’s not even any extras needed). It’s much more claustrophobic and intimate, yet at the same time the scope of these characters, particularly Mr. P, is so vast.

Q: Obviously you are hugely devoted to Own Worst Enemy, how much time and effort have you put in so far and how much would it mean to you if you reached your goal of £12,000?

A: Every spare minute of every day has gone into this so far. Like I mentioned, me and Mike have been working on the characters since last October. I was working on the script for 3 months or so prior to that. We’re now in the midst of funding, budgeting and business and we have had an amazing amount of help and support so far and I’m really appreciative. The great things about crowd funding is being able to give something back, through the perks, to the people who have supported you and helped get the film made. As for our own goal, it would be truly amazing to reach it and be able to make the film the way we want to make it. The filming stage is obviously the most costly part. I think we’re attempting something quite unique and would love to be able to try and pull it off unhindered. It’ll get made one way or another.

This film comes as a breath of fresh air as the storyline is so unique that there has not being anything like it before. Philip deserves to have his vision come alive on the screen and with your help he can reach his goal! If you would like to help fund the feature and find more info about the film follow this link here:

To keep up to date with all the latest news and information be sure to check out Own Worst Enemy’s website:

And also follow the official Own Worst Enemy Twitter page at:

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Porcelain Presence Preview (2013)

Porcelain Presence (2013)

Dir.: Emily E. Bibb; Chris Jay

1DOLLPROMOThis psychological thriller follows the story of Brian Darnell (Stuart Hoborin) and his twisted obsession with porcelain dolls. In a failing marriage he dictates his wife’s every move and leads her into a life of misery and depression. Anna Tarsh plays the role of Anna Darnell, the wife who is constantly bullied by her lover. She no longer has the mind of a sane women from years of punishment from sadistic Brian and his manipulative and power-strong ideals send her over the edge. After Anna suffers brutal beatings at the hands of Brian the conventionally nosey suburban neighbours begin to interfere, not knowing the implications this will have on all their lives. This psychotic husband holds all the power over poor Anna and this life is far from perfect.

This entirely self-funded feature film has been devised and produced by, Emily E. Bibb and Chris Jay, both very talented young filmmakers. UK based they furthered their studies at university and since then have developed many short films individually. They have come together on this project to write, produce and co-direct Porcelain Presence which will be their first feature film together. Having such a big cast, Emily and Chris have taken on a huge challenge in getting this film into production but as far as I see it is working, I’m in no doubt that this feature will be a big success on completion and they will both establish themselves as professional filmmakers.

If you want further information on these two follow them on Twitter:



Now you’ve read the synopsis and found out a bit about the crew, check out the trailer to get an even better idea of what this film entails!


Also if you want to have a chance at winning an exclusive DVD of the film, Emily and Jay are running a competition in the shape of a online Cludeo game to discover who killed Brian! All you have to do is correctly guess who killed him, where and what with. If successful you will be in with a chance of winning a hard copy of the DVD on release! Follow this link for more details and the game itself:


I also got the chance to speak to producer Emily and she answered a few questions that helped me get a better picture of the film!

Q: How long does a production like this take?

A: So far we have been working on Porcelain Presence for about 18 months, that’s idea conception through to our current stage which is roughly about 80% through filming.  We’ve not been able to film many continuous days, due to some of the cast/crew having full time jobs, getting people together has been quite tricky and sometimes we have to go weeks between shoots in order to get the funds together for locations and props. But despite all this, we’re extremely pleased with the results.

Q: How did you come up with the story line and did it take long to produce into a written script?

A: The original storyline was a 1 page synopsis that was intended for one of my university modules. At the time I had no plans for it to be turned into a film, but when I met Chris (Jay) my co-director on Porcelain Presence, we began writing the script, as a short film script. It was originally intended to be 25 – 30 minutes long, but we felt that it wasn’t long enough to explain the storyline, so we began re-writing it as a feature film script. It took many months to write as a feature, and even now when we revisit a scene, we can’t help but make small changes to make it tonnes better!

Q: How will social media help in the distribution and promotion of your feature film?

A: Social media has been incredible in the promotion of Porcelain Presence. Currently, we have just over 12,000 followers  for Porcelain Presence, and our target is 100,000 followers by the time we come to DVD distribution (aim high, as I say). We’ve recently set up our official website too – and within the first 2/3 days we had over 5,000 hits on our website, and we’re still getting hundreds of hits daily, and this is all thanks to Facebook and Twitter! Never underestimate the power of social media!

Q: Have you any plans for further productions in the future post-Porcelain Presence?

A: We do have a couple of ideas floating around at the moment, a couple of short film ideas and one feature. After Porcelain Presence has been completed and sent off to festivals, we’ll most likely begin working on a 2 minute short film for Virgin Media Shorts, which we try to enter every year.

Doll_CreepyAfter speaking with Emily I got the impression that her and Chris are ambitious filmmakers who have big ideas for the future. They plan on Porcelain Presence to be sent off to many festivals in 2013 and hopefully they can achieve their overall goal! The film will then be on general DVD release and I encourage anyone who has a passion for film to support this independent feature!

Make sure you keep up with all the latest updates at:

And follow Porcelain Presence’s official Twitter page:

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The Furnished Room

The Furnished Room

The Furnished Room is a film being devised by Producer, Joseph Schneider, a student at the Northern Film School located in Leeds. In his final year he is creating a piece set in World War I which features characters Heinrich and Gretel who are in a fight for love whilst the world is at war with each other. Schneider who has posted a short from the film with narration from the film’s director, Florian Dassler, are promoting their piece which is in need of funding. They are currently working towards a goal of £800, via. Kickstarter, who fund independent films. They are in need of your help.

They need funding for various props and costumes and also travel expenses so they can create the perfect locations for their shoot. This film deserves the backing as it has the potential to be a great final piece and I would enjoy to see the film develop as producer, Joseph, would like. – Here is the pledge from the director which also gives a synopsis of the film.

For further information on the project and if you are feeling generous, check out their website and donate!:

Or follow them on Twitter at – @furnishedfilm 

Thank you for reading and I hope you can support these guys!

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