World War Z (2013)

World War Z

World War Z (2013)

Dir.: Marc Forster | Cast: Brad Pitt; Mireille Enos; Fana Mokoena

When I first heard Brad Pitt was going to star in block-buster zombie movie I was skeptical. Mainly because I enjoy him most when he’s playing an unexpected role where his character is challenging as seen in films such as Snatch (2000) and Fight Club (1999). However, I gave Pitt the benefit of the doubt as he has been one of the most sought after actors in modern cinema. Director, Marc Forster, famous for directing the new-era James Bond film, Quantum of Solace (2008) and Machine Gun Preacher (2011) he  has turned his hand to a much different genre in his latest picture and his achievements have not gone unnoticed with people already calling for a sequel to World War Z .

The film begins with a montage of news stories, wildlife footage and excerpts from multifarious broadcasts all illustrating the danger of various environmental factors and the growing trouble in a world with over 7 billion inhabitants. The narrative follows Brad Pitt’s character, Gerry Lane, a former United Nations agent turned house-husband after retiring from his years in the force. As he sets off with his wife (Mireille Enos) and two daughters the ravenous plague that has begun infecting the world’s population finds itself present in Philadelphia, the home town of Gerry and his family. Through his years of experience Gerry protects his family until, ex-colleague and friend, Thierry (Fana Mokoena) is able to provide them with an extraction point and enabling them to reach the safety of a huge fleet of Navy ships planted in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean.

However, it transpires that it wasn’t through friendship that Theirry called upon Gerry but his expertise in the field. Asking him to protect the best professor in viral diseases on a trip to North Korea, who are seemingly untouched by the virus, Gerry is forced to undertake the mission otherwise him and his family will be thrown off the ship. From there, Gerry travels the globe attempting to find the route cause of the viral disease that is decimating populations world-wide.

The film itself is a fast-paced thriller, with elements of horror and suspense that will make many nervous with anticipation, World War Z is a pretty good zombie film as they go. Zombie-films always have the potential to fall flat on their face but Marc Forster has done a decent job with this particular film. All the troubles that surrounded it, including the whole re-shoot of the final scenes and the removal of some CGI (computer generated imagery), the film fared okay and Brad Pitt’s performance was spot on as expected. The film definitely lent itself to a follow up sequel with many unanswered questions but this added to the realist aspect not seen in many zombie films since the likes of 28 Days Later (2002), which incidentally also had a sequel. I would recommend World War Z to any cinema-goer who loves the thrill and suspense of a horror as well as the action and explosiveness of a thriller. 

4 out of 5.


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