Harmion (2013)

Harmion (2013)

Dir.: Richard Swingle

Prod.: Adam Harvey

HarmionA journey of struggles, belief and hope is the new vision of Richard Swingle and Adam Harvey. Harmion follows a man on a quest to find a cure for his dying son. Tritan, the ex-soldier and farmer, is left distant and traumatised after a devastating war, and he finds it hard to settle back into normal life. Living in a quiet village with his wife, he is forced to leave on this adventure to find a mythical cure for his son who is dying of a mortal illness.

In the world of action and adventure, Tritan, abandons his family and endeavours to find this cure as he goes on his travels. In a post-war Harmion, the path is a dangerous one and he must do everything he can to survive the journey. With only his trusty steed for company, he battles across the land fighting not only physical enemies but mental demons of the past as well.

The film is currently in its development stage, they have just began their Kickstarter campaign and are in need of financial support to take the film to the next step! By finalising the script and creating the concept they are packaging the film for potential financiers. Having already spent a massive £10,000 for the film’s theatrical trailer, which is nothing short of outstanding, they have devoted a huge amount of time and money to the project which deserves to reach its full potential. Richard Swingle, who works as a professional Cinematographer, and Adam Harvey, who has developed many short and feature films, have the ability to create a fantastic movie. Together they have the experience and knowledge needed to construct a wonderfully aesthetic piece and by using the scenery of the Welsh hillsides the shots shape a wonderful backdrop for this heart-warming story.

With the huge success of the action and adventure genre there is the possibility this could be a major success and reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Willow (1988), it has that element of mystery surrounding the fantastical world the two writers have created which audiences love. A wonderful story of hope and the unbreakable bond between father and son, Harmion deserves to be produced exactly as Swingle and Harvey visioned when they drafted the film. With, what seems an amazing actor at the helm in Tritan, the film had me intrigued with the 3 minute trailer and I hope you get behind the film and support so it can reach it’s £3,000 total!

Here’s the Harmion trailer:

And here’s the link to their Kickstarter campaign so you can find out more information and can get supporting!



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